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Hello Fellow Adventure Seekers!

My name is Dawn, I love going for hikes and paddle boarding with my dog RILEY. She loves exploring as well! I find being outdoors a stress relief, therapeutic and brings me great joy, especially these last couple of years. I decided I wanted to share this joy with others and start my own SUP company. When thinking of a quality company brand name, it had to be “RILEY” She has been with me on many of my outdoor excursions during the last 6 years. I am passionate about this new adventure and hope you will want to be part of enjoying the outdoors too!

Giving Back
Giving Back

Being an animal lover, we would like to give back to them. I’ve grown up having dogs most of my life, and they have made me a more caring and better person for it. 5% of all purchases from our website will be going to selected animal charities in the Okanagan.  There will be links if you would like to donate directly to them as well.

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